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  47 Español
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 Failure to properly set up, use, and care 
for the Xbox 360 video game and 
entertainment system can increase the 
risk of serious injury or death, or damage 
to the Xbox 360 video game and 
entertainment system. Read this manual 
and the manuals of any accessories for 
important safety and health information. 
Keep all manuals for future reference. 
For replacement manuals, go to  
www.xbox.com/support or call the Xbox 
Customer Support number provided on 
the back cover.
 Before allowing children to use the Xbox 
360 video game and entertainment system:
1 Determine how each child can use the 
Xbox 360 console (playing games, 
connecting to Xbox LIVE, replacing 
batteries, making electrical, AV cable, 
and network connections) and 
whether they should be supervised 
during these activities. 
2 If you allow children to use the Xbox 
360 console without supervision, be 
sure to explain all relevant safety and 
health information and instructions.
 The Xbox 360 console will not play copied 
or “pirated” games or other unauthorized 
media. Attempting to defeat the Xbox 360 
anti-piracy protection system may cause 
your Xbox 360 console to stop working 
permanently. It will also void your Limited 
Warranty, and may make your Xbox 360 
console ineligible for authorized repair, 
even for a fee.
 You must accept the terms and conditions 
of the Limited Warranty and this manual to 
use your Xbox 360 console. If you do not 
accept these terms and conditions, do not 
set up or use your Xbox 360 console and 
return it to Microsoft for a refund.
This symbol identifies safety and health 
messages in this manual and Xbox 360 
accessories manuals.
For your warranty and other important 
information, see the Xbox 360 Warranty manual.
 2 Your Xbox 360 Arcade System
 3 Select a Location for Your Console
 4 Connect to Your TV and  
Audio System
 5 Connect the Console to Power
 7 The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
 7 Set Up Your Wireless Controller
 9 Xbox 360 Family Settings
0 Using the Disc Drive
 Important Health Warnings About 
Playing Video Games
2 Play Games
2 Connect to Xbox LIVE
6 Watch Movies
6 Play CDs
7 Share Media from an Audio Player 
or Camera
8 Share Media from Your PC
9 Storage
20 Add Wireless Controllers
2 Connect Additional Accessories
22 Troubleshooting
 73 Customer Support
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Manual (2)
Xbox 360 Console
and Wireless Controller
AA batteries
Memory Unit
AV Cable
Power Cord Power Supply
Thanks for purchasing your Xbox 360™ Arcade 
system from Microsoft. You’re now at the 
center of a customizable experience that 
brings your games, your friends, and your 
digital entertainment together in one 
powerful package.
• Xbox 360 Arcade lets you play Xbox 360 
games, DVD movies, and audio CDs.
• With high-speed Internet service, connect 
to millions of gamers on Xbox LIVE®. 
Instantly be a part of a community where 
you can play together, talk to your friends, 
and download new content.
• Stream pictures, music, and more to your 
Xbox 360 console by connecting to your 
Microsoft® Windows®-based PC or other 
devices such as digital cameras and 
portable music players.
• Take your saved games and your Xbox LIVE 
account everywhere you go. Even 
download content from Xbox 360 demo 
kiosks at participating retailers with your 
Xbox 360 Memory Unit.
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 If the Xbox 360 console falls and hits 
someone, especially a small child, it could 
cause serious injury. To reduce the risk of 
such injuries and damage to the Xbox 360 
console, set up the Xbox 360 console 
according to these instructions. Place the 
console on a surface that: 
• Is flat and level.
• Is stable and not likely to tip over.
• Allows all four feet of the console to 
be in contact with the surface.
• Is not likely to allow the console to slip 
or slide off.
• Is clean and free of dust and debris. 
If the surface or console feet become dirty or 
dusty, clean them with a dry cloth. If the 
console is positioned vertically, put it on a 
surface where it is not likely to fall if it tips 
Arrange all cables and cords so that people 
and pets are not likely to trip over or 
accidentally pull on them as they move 
around or walk through the area. When the 
console is not in use, you may need to 
disconnect all cables and cords from the 
front and rear of the console to keep them 
out of the reach of children and pets. Do not 
allow children to play with cables and cords.
Do not block any ventilation openings on the 
console or power supply. Do not place the 
console or power supply on a bed, sofa, or 
other soft surface that may block ventilation 
openings. Do not place the console or power 
supply in a confined space, such as a 
bookcase, rack, or stereo cabinet, unless the 
space is well ventilated.
Do not place the console or power supply 
near any heat sources, such as radiators, heat 
registers, stoves, or amplifiers.
Do not use the console in smoky or dusty 
locations. Smoke and dust can damage the 
console, particularly the DVD drive.
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Stationary images in video games can “burn” 
into some TV screens, creating a permanent 
shadow. Consult your TV owner’s manual or 
manufacturer before playing games.
Use your composite AV cable to connect your 
console to your TV.
To connect to your standard TV:
1 Connect the composite AV cable connector 
to the AV port on the console.
2 Connect the color-coded connectors to the 
corresponding inputs on the TV: yellow to 
yellow (video), red to red (right audio), and 
white to white (left audio). You can also 
connect audio to a stereo receiver.
 For monaural (mono) TVs, which have only 
one audio input, connect either the right or 
left audio connector to the audio input.
3 Select the appropriate video input on your 
TV (see No Picture under “Troubleshooting” 
for further information).
After you’ve set up your console, you can 
configure additional console audio settings 
and test your connection from the System 
area of the Xbox Dashboard. But before doing 
so, proceed through the steps in the following 
pages for connecting to power, connecting 
your controller, and other initial settings.
You can also connect to additional TV input 
types by using the Xbox 360 Component HD 
AV cable, the Xbox 360 S-Video AV Cable, the 
Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable, or the Xbox 360 
HDMI AV Cable (all sold separately). For more 
information, go to www.xbox.com/setup.
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If your system (typically, a receiver or 
amplifier) supports digital audio input, you can 
connect to digital audio rather than to the 
standard left and right audio by using the 
Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable, the Xbox 
360 S-Video AV cable, the Xbox 360 VGA HD 
AV cable, or the Xbox 360 HDMI Cable (all sold 
separately). Digital audio should produce 
higher-quality sound. Follow the AV cable 
instructions for connecting digital audio.
 As with many other electrical devices, 
failure to take the following precautions 
can result in serious injury or death from 
electric shock or fire or damage to the 
Xbox 360 video game and entertainment 
 Select an appropriate power source for 
your Xbox 360 console:
• Use only the power supply unit and AC 
power cord that came with your 
console or that you received from an 
authorized repair center. If you are not 
sure if you have the correct power 
supply unit, compare the model 
number on the power supply unit with 
the model number specified on your 
console. If you need a replacement 
power supply unit or AC power cord, 
contact Xbox Customer Support. 
• Confirm that your electrical outlet 
provides the type of power indicated 
on the power supply unit (in terms of
 voltage [V] and frequency [Hz]). If you are 
not sure of the type of power supplied to 
your home, consult a qualified electrician. 
• Do not use non-standard power sources, 
such as generators or inverters, even if 
the voltage and frequency appear 
acceptable. Only use AC power provided 
by a standard wall outlet. 
• Do not overload your wall outlet, 
extension cord, power strip, or other 
electrical receptacle. Confirm that they 
are rated to handle the total current (in 
amps [A]) drawn by the Xbox 360 console 
(indicated on the power supply unit) and 
any other devices that are on the same 
• Do not connect any other devices 
between the Xbox 360 power supply unit 
and the Xbox 360 console or between the 
power cord and the Xbox 360 power 
supply unit.
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 • Protect the power cords from being 
walked on. 
• Protect cords from being pinched or 
sharply bent, particularly where they 
connect to the power outlet, the power 
supply unit, and the console. 
• Do not jerk, knot, sharply bend, or 
otherwise abuse the power cords. 
• Do not expose the power cords to 
sources of heat. 
• Do not wrap power cords around the 
power supply unit.
• Keep children and pets away from the 
power cords. Do not allow them to bite 
or chew on them. 
• When disconnecting the power cords, 
pull on the plug—do not pull on the 
• Do not let the power supply hang from 
either power cord.
If a power cord or power supply becomes 
damaged in any way, stop using it 
immediately and contact Xbox Customer 
Support for a replacement. 
Unplug your Xbox 360 console during 
lightning storms or when unused for long 
periods of time.
Always connect the power cords according to 
the following instructions:
1 Fully insert the power supply cord into the 
Xbox 360 console.
2 Plug the AC power cord into the power 
supply until it stops.
3 Plug the other end of the AC power cord 
into the wall outlet.
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Your wireless controller lets you experience 
the ultimate in wireless freedom with the 
same precision, speed, and accuracy as a 
wired controller.
The Xbox Guide button in the center of your 
controller puts the Xbox 360 experience at 
your fingertips. Press the Xbox Guide button 
to turn your console on. Once on, pressing the 
Xbox Guide button gives you immediate 
access to the Xbox Guide. To turn off your 
console, press and hold the Xbox Guide button 
for three seconds and confirm your selection.
Composed of four quadrants, the Ring of Light 
that surrounds the Xbox Guide button on the 
controller and the Power button on the 
console is the Xbox 360 status indicator.  
When you connect a controller to your 
console, it is assigned a specific quadrant, 
which glows green to indicate the controller’s 
number and position. Each subsequent 
controller connected to the console (up to 
four) is assigned an additional quadrant. 
If system problems should arise, the Ring of 
Light on the console will flash combinations 
of red. For more information, see 
The expansion port (with 2.5-mm audio 
connector) on your controller lets you connect 
expansion devices like the Xbox 360 Headset 
(sold separately) to your controller. For more 
information, see the instruction manual for 
your controller expansion device.
The charge port on the front of your controller 
works exclusively with the Xbox 360 Play & 
Charge Kit (sold separately).
 Improper use of batteries may result in 
battery fluid leakage, overheating, or 
explosion. Risk of fire if batteries are 
replaced by an incorrect type. Released 
battery fluid is corrosive and may be toxic. 
It can cause skin and eye burns, and is 
harmful if swallowed. To reduce the risk of 
• Keep batteries out of reach of children.
• Do not heat, open, puncture, mutilate, 
or dispose of batteries in fire. 
• Use only alkaline batteries, 
type AA (LR6). 
• Do not mix new and old batteries. 
• Remove the batteries if they are worn 
out or before storing your controller
 for an extended period of time. Do not 
leave batteries in the AA battery pack 
when it is not installed in the controller. 
• If a battery leaks, remove all batteries, 
taking care to keep the leaked fluid 
from touching your skin or clothes. If 
fluid from the battery comes into 
contact with skin or clothes, flush skin 
with water immediately. Before 
inserting new batteries, thoroughly 
clean the battery compartment with a 
damp paper towel, or follow the 
battery manufacturer’s 
recommendations for cleanup. 
• Dispose of batteries in accordance 
with local and national disposal 
regulations (if any).
Before you can use your Xbox 360 Wireless 
Controller with your Xbox 360 console, you 
need to insert a battery pack.
The wireless controller uses disposable 
batteries or the Xbox 360 Rechargeable 
Battery Pack (sold separately). If you plan to 
use disposable batteries, you should 
familiarize yourself with the “Disposable 
Battery Safety” section that follows.
Black only
 Before boarding any aircraft or packing 
the wireless controller in luggage that 
will be checked, remove any batteries 
from the wireless controller. The 
wireless controller can transmit radio 
frequency (RF) energy, much like a 
cellular telephone, whenever batteries 
are installed. 
Insert batteries according to the following 
To insert batteries into the wireless controller 
AA battery pack:
1 Press the tab on the top of the AA battery 
pack and pull down to detach it from the 
2 Insert two new AA (LR6) batteries with 
their positive (+) and negative (–) ends as 
shown on the underside of the battery 
pack. For best performance, AA 
rechargeable batteries are not 
3 Slide the AA battery pack back into place 
on the controller and push it in to lock. 	
To avoid pinching your fingers when inserting, 
push only on the flat surface of the 
battery pack.
Your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller comes 
already wirelessly connected to your console, 
right out of the box. Should you need to 
reconnect your wireless controller to your 
console or connect to a different console, 
see “Add Wireless Controllers.”
To turn your console and controller on, 
press and hold the Xbox Guide button 
on your controller.
To turn on your console only, press the 
Power button on your console. To turn 
on your controller only, press the Start  
button on your controller.
To turn your console and controller off, 
press and hold the Xbox Guide button on 
your controller for three seconds. Then 
select whether you want to turn off just 
your controller or both your controller 
and your console. (Selecting the console 
will turn off both the console and all 
connected controllers.)
Pressing the power button on your console 
will turn off both the console and any 
connected wireless controllers.
The first time you turn on your Xbox 360 
console, you’ll be prompted to enter a 
language. Follow the prompts to select a 
language for your console.
You can change language and other console 
settings in the System area of the Xbox 
Dashboard, including time, audio, display, and 
automatic turn-off after six hours of non-use. 
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The new Family Settings 
feature for Xbox 360 gives 
parents and caregivers the 
ability to provide age-
appropriate entertainment 
through customized settings. 
Console settings can limit the games and 
movies that can be played on your console. 
Xbox LIVE settings can customize the Xbox 
LIVE experience for each child account, even 
when playing away from home. 
To apply Family Settings for your games and 
Xbox LIVE: 
1 Select System, FamilySettings.
2 Choose the settings you want to apply to 
your console and your Xbox LIVE accounts.
In the U.S. and Canada, Xbox 360 Family 
Settings for games are based on the ESRB 
(Entertainment Software Rating Board) rating 
system and movie settings are based on the 
MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) 
rating system. By default, Xbox 360 Family 
Settings are set to Allow All for games and 
movies. For more information about game 
ratings, see www.esrb.org.
Not all movies have the rating encoded on the 
DVD. These DVD movies will play regardless 
of your settings. 
You can make sure that your family has a 
positive experience on Xbox LIVE by setting 
limits for each child account. Manage up to 
eight settings for each account and set 
different limits for each account. Your child’s 
Xbox LIVE settings are pre-selected when 
their Xbox LIVE account is created. You can 
make changes at any time by selecting 
System,FamilySettings,LiveControls, and 
choosing the child’s account.
Family Settings for Xbox LIVE includes these 
• Parental approval for adding individuals to 
your child’s friends list. 
• Limiting voice, video, and text chat to 
individuals on your child’s friends list. 
• Blocking or limiting the display of your 
child’s profi le information and online 
• Blocking or limiting your child’s ability to 
view content created by other gamers. 
• Blocking access to Xbox LIVE multiplayer 
• Preventing your child from purchasing 
items on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
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To insert a disc: 
1 Press the eject button to open the disc tray. 
2 Place the Xbox 360 game disc, audio CD, 
or DVD movie on the disc tray with the 
label facing up (to the right if the console 
is vertical).  
To eject a disc:
1 Press the eject button to open the disc tray.
2 Remove the disc.
3 Press the eject button to close the disc 
When the console is oriented vertically, make 
sure the disc is held in place by the tabs on 
the disc tray so that it doesn’t fall.
To avoid jamming the disc drive and damaging 
discs or the console:
• Remove discs before moving the console 
or tilting it between the horizontal and 
vertical positions. 
• Never use cracked discs. They can shatter 
inside the console and jam or break 
internal parts. 
• When the console is vertical, do not 
use discs that are smaller than standard 
DVDs and CDs. If the disc drive jams or 
is damaged, contact Xbox Customer 
Support to have your console repaired 
or exchanged.
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 A very small percentage of people may 
experience a seizure when exposed to 
certain visual images, including flashing 
lights or patterns that may appear in 
video games. Even people who have no 
history of seizures or epilepsy may have 
an undiagnosed condition that can cause 
these “photosensitive epileptic seizures” 
while watching video games. 
 These seizures may have a variety of 
symptoms, including lightheadedness, 
altered vision, eye or face twitching, 
jerking or shaking of arms or legs, 
disorientation, confusion, or momentary 
loss of awareness. Seizures may also 
cause loss of consciousness or 
convulsions that can lead to injury from 
falling down or striking nearby objects.
 Immediately stop playing and consult a 
doctor if you experience any of these 
symptoms. Parents should watch for or 
ask their children about the above 
symptoms—children and teenagers are 
more likely than adults to experience 
these seizures. The risk of photosensitive 
epileptic seizures may be reduced by 
taking the following precautions: 
• Sit farther from the TV screen. 
• Use a smaller TV screen. 
• Play in a well-lit room. 
• Do not play when you are drowsy 
or fatigued.
 If you or any of your relatives have a 
history of seizures or epilepsy, consult 
a doctor before playing.
 Use of game controllers, keyboards, 
mice, or other electronic input devices 
may be linked to serious injuries 
or disorders.
 When playing video games, as with 
many activities, you may experience 
occasional discomfort in your hands, 
arms, shoulders, neck, or other parts of  
your body. However, if you experience 
symptoms such as persistent or 
recurring discomfort, pain, throbbing, 
aching, tingling, numbness, burning 
sensation, or stiffness, DO NOT IGNORE 
even if symptoms occur when you are 
not playing a video game. Symptoms 
such as these can be associated with 
painful and sometimes permanently 
disabling injuries or disorders of the 
nerves, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, 
and other parts of the body. These 
musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) 
include carpal tunnel syndrome, 
tendonitis, tenosynovitis, vibration 
syndromes, and other conditions.
 While researchers are not yet able to 
answer many questions about MSDs, 
there is general agreement that many 
factors may be linked to their 
occurrence, including medical and 
physical conditions, stress and how one 
copes with it, overall health, and how a 
person positions and uses their body 
during work and other activities 
(including playing a video game). Some 
studies suggest that the amount of time 
a person performs an activity may also 
be a factor. 
 Some guidelines that may help you work 
and play more comfortably and possibly 
reduce your risk of experiencing an MSD 
can be found in the Healthy Gaming 
Guide at www.xbox.com. These 
guidelines address topics such as: 
• Positioning yourself to use 
comfortable, not awkward, postures. 
• Keeping your hands, fingers, and 
other body parts relaxed. 
• Taking breaks. 
• Developing a healthy lifestyle. 
 If you have questions about how your 
own lifestyle, activities, or medical or 
physical condition may be related to 
MSDs, see a qualified health 
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The Xbox 360 console can play only game 
discs licensed by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 
video game and entertainment system. 
Licensed games bear this logo:
For the latest information about Xbox 360 
games, go to www.xbox.com.
To start a game:
1 Press the eject button to open the disc tray.
2 Place the Xbox 360 game disc on the disc 
tray with the label facing up (to the right if 
the console is vertical).
3 Press the eject button to close the disc 
tray. The game will start.
You can instantly become an Xbox LIVE Silver 
member by simply connecting an Ethernet 
cable (sold separately) to the Ethernet port on 
the back of the console. You can create a 
gamertag, access the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, 
view gamer cards, participate in chats, get 
voice messages, make friends, and use Xbox 
LIVE Family Settings. Xbox LIVE Silver 
members get limited-time gameplay through 
special events like free Xbox LIVE Gold 
weekend play, Xbox LIVE Game with Fame, 
and Xbox LIVE Prime Time.
If you’re ready for the full Xbox LIVE 
experience, sign up for an Xbox LIVE Gold 
membership. Xbox LIVE Gold gives you all the 
features of Xbox LIVE Silver, plus online 
multiplayer gaming, enhanced matchmaking 
and feedback tools, privileges and rewards on 
Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and media features 
such as music and photo sharing.
Set up your Xbox LIVE connection using one
of the following connection types. You can 
also set up a wireless home network 
connection using the Xbox 360 Wireless 
Networking Adapter (sold separately). For 
more information about setting up your 
connection and further home networking 
options, go to www.xbox.com/setup.
You must have a high-speed (cable or DSL) 
Internet connection to play on Xbox LIVE. 
You must also have an Xbox 360 Hard Drive 
(included with the standard Xbox 360 system; 
sold separately for Xbox 360 Arcade) or Xbox 
360 Memory Unit to store your Xbox LIVE 
account information.
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Cable/DSL Modem
Choose a modem connection if you want the 
easiest way to set up and play and you don’t 
want to share your Internet connection with 
your PC (or other device).
To set up a modem connection:
1 Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to 
the Ethernet port on your high-speed 
modem and the other end to the Ethernet 
port on the back of your Xbox 360 console.
2 Follow the on-screen instructions. You 
may need to enter information provided 
by your ISP in the System area of the 
Xbox Dashboard.

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